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Your own community / FAQ

(Short foreword. All images shown in this content contains german words only. We appologize for that)

On you may create your own homepage / community for free. Change your site colors, logo, favicon and add your own forums, own news and finally, if enough members have registered on your page, add challenges.

Your benefits

works similar to a franchise system (but for free of course). That means. User can register on a site, but can login an join all other sites made with this software. It doesen't matter if you use this service in commercial or private. It's free and stays free. Anyway the community is always part of your site. With all users, registered on or its member sites.

Benefits overview
  1. Add content to all main pages and change the titles / names of it
  2. Add your own pages
  3. Animated galleries/slider within all of your contents
  4. Multilingualism (According to the languages we offer). More languages will follow step by step.
  5. Own news
  6. Own forums
  7. Own articles (Rate for things or regular articles)
  8. Own challenges
Things also will follow
  1. Your own web app for mobile devices. (You may change colors and layout of course)
  2. Onlineshop for your products with your payment system


How to create my own community?
First of all you have to register for free or log in.
Then click on "My profile" and go to "Your community".
After that you will be redirected to your page which will be shown in standard colors, no logo and no forums and so on. (Green arrow) But the community (user activities and so own) is working as known from all our sites.

But, as you can see on the image (red arrow), there is a new menu available for you.

How to change colors, logo and favicon?

Click on "My Community". (in your new menu) to get here

Explanation of arrows

Blue arrow: Your settings menu. Settings (colors, logo, favicon), Mainpages (change or add content), Your pages (Change or add your pages)

Red arrow: Thats were you may upload your favicon. Please check google how to creat a favicon.

Green arrow:
Thats were you may upload your logo.

All other arrows show you where to change your page colors and font types.

How to change colors?

The whle page is build with CSS classes which can be easly changed by yourself. In class "bg" (Background of your site) you also may use an image instead of colors. To do so, choose "Background image" instead "Color gradient".

And thats how to change colors.

"Green arrow" Preview of your colors as gradient

"Red arrow" Colorbox of your first color.

"Blue arrow in the middle" Your color bar. Click into a free place within to add a new color (new colorbox). You may move your colors within that bar by click, hold and move.

Blue arrow on the right" Colorbox of your seccond color. You may add as much colors as you want. To delete or change a color, just click once on the colorbox and then on "change color" or "Delete color". If you don't want to use a color gradient you may reduce your colors to one.

"Orange arrow" Change
transparency for your selected color by moving the box.

If you use more than one color (color gradient) you also can change the gradient direction. Below this selection menu is a preview box where you can see how it looks.

What may i change on the mainpages and what shoul i change on them?
Lets see were you're going by clicking on "Main contents".

As you see, all Main pages are listed, even if you do not have a forum or other sections yet.

You can do the same things on all main pages as seen in the following image.


Click on the flags (Language selection) to go from one language to another. All fields should filled out in those languages.

"Red arrow" Thats the title. This will be in your menu.

"Blue arrow" Key words for google and other search engines. If you want search engines to list your page you should fill out the key words and the field below (Description). For key words use up to 30 words that maches to your site and seperate them by a comma.

E.g:" Community, Forum, Members, Love" and so on.

"Black arrow" The description is also important for search engines. Describe this page in short words.


Keywords and decriptions should be added for all of your pages.

"Green arrow" Thats where you can add your content and / or include your gallerie slider. (Read more under "How to create a gallery slider and how to include it")

"Orange arrow" Choose between some options to set who may see your content.
Choose between
  • Always (Content can be viewed by everybody at anytime)
  • Only for not logged users (Only not logged user can see this content. Perfect if you want to promote your site without showing your members the same thing all the time)
  • Only for logged users (For members only)
  • Show only once (The system will save who viewed this site and show it only once)
  • Do not show (Use this if you're still working on it or if you don't want to show it right now) 

How to add own pages?

Thats pretty similar to main contents with only a few exeptions. Click on "My contents".

You can add as much pages as you want. But there is only limited space within your menu bar. So please reduce it in your own interests for a good look and availability. The first link in your menu is always "Back to ". You cannot change or delete this. But all the other space behind is all yours. Your own pages will also been invisible if your users are on main pages which have own categories. E.g. "Members". 

How to create a gallery slider and how to include it?

Thats easy. Click on "Gallery moduls" first.

Add a gallery first

Select a name for your gallery (Not for public. Only for you for better management).
Select the secconds for each image to stay till slide to next image.
Chosse a animation type.
  • Slide (Slide from right to left)
  • Fade (Fade to next one)
If everything is done and saved you can add images to your gallery. Click on your gallery "green arrow"
(testgal in my example)