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Hopefully we may answer all of your questions about .

My membership is restricted. Why?
could be for various reasons. We could insist to a fake check at any
time. (which is absolutely free by the way). If we have activated this
option and you haven't make a fake check or your fake check is expired,
your membership comes restricted automatically till you passed a new
fake check.

But it also could be, that you got
to many warnings and come restricted instead of a lock or cancellation.
In this case, please wait till your warnings expired. A warning is valid
for 10 days.

Please write a message to the owner (ladano) of this page if you are still not sure why you've been restricted.

What about fake check and why should i do that?
to our community we could activate an option to insist for a fake
check. If it isn't activated we please you anyhow to do a fake check in
your own interests.

A lot of users insist to a fake check by theire filters.

fake check is absolutely for free and needs only 5 minutes of your
time. All you need is a pen, a sheet of paper and a camera (or your
mobile device). Write your username, and current date on the paper, hold
it in front of you, take a picture and upload it. If your image matches
to your profile data, you will pass this check within a short time.

Best thing is to do this frequently (once a year).

I wrote a message to a user. But the user did't response. I can't write a new message to this user. Why?
how wie save our users. Please wait for an answer and you can go ahead
without further limitations. But your first message to a user is limited
to one.

But i did a misstake in my first message. Now i want to send a seccond one to appologize or explain about it.

will be deletet automatically after 30 days. If you did'nt receive an
answer untill, please wait for this 30 days. The you may try it again.

Can't change the status to my friends. Just cancel. Why?

If both of you want to change the status you may cancel and renew your friendship with your desired status. Thats the only way.

Can't get through a filter. How can i get in touch with the user?

Not at all. Thats what filters are made for.

to pass the genius test. But i did't get it the first time. So i've
refreshed my browser to try it again. But i can't. But it says, i passed
the test with an (rediculous huge time of secconds).

the worst possible value can be saved. What gets you to a worst result.
You cannot do this test twice. Thats how we try to keep our users from
practise this test. Everybody should have the same chances.

Don't you worry. This test is not rating you intelligence. Its more about mathematic knowledge and uptake of our users.

I passed the genius test with really bad results. Do i have any drawbacks according to other usersd now?

Some members surely uses the genius option within their filters.But thats exceptional cases. So the answer is "no".

What means "Bakery, bake your dream partner", what can i reach with it?

Apart from your filter you can use this function to see whic other users matches to you. As more
you have on as higher is the possibility that you like each
other in real life. All users, could match, will be shown in your user

What means "Become VIP", and what is the goal of it?

your way to keep other peoples attantion on you. You will stay on top
on all our sites permantly as long as another one becomes VIP.

What about this "borrow credits to other users"?

can use this for many reasons. Usually only friends borrow credits to
friends. But you may also use this function to get attention.

Or, with a good sense of business, you can make a lot of credits with it.

What is this "people search" thing?

you ever met a person which comes completely out of sight now but you
really want to get in touch again, but all you have left is a few
informations and a photo? In that case put the photo into your people
search and write what you know about this person. Maybe someone else in
this community knows about it and can help you to get in touch again.

What about this "degree" thing here?

that spend a lot of time on have more chances to make a lot
of credits than users who do not. We apreciate that and honour it by
degrees and a funny community job title.

Do i have any drawbacks with a lower degree in this community?

Not by any manner of means. But like the genius test filters could use this as criteria.

When i go from one community to another one (E.g. the community of a friend) i have to log in again. Why?

ot a usual occurrence but could happen. The reason could be your browser or the used domain. If you are logged in on and the community you want to go is /myfriendsusername,
you don't have to login again. But we also offer partner sites on
different domains. In that case you have to log in again. But you don't
have to register again.